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From business strategies to financial updates

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Capital Market Day

AAK’s Capital Market Day is a recurring event where analysts, investors, and media representatives are presented with information on AAK’s business strategies as well as financial updates.

Capital Market Day 2019

This year’s Capital Market Day will be at November 20, 2019 in Aarhus, Denmark. More information about the agenda and how to sign up for the event will be released in August/September.

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Annual General Meeting

Discover the details and publications related to AAK’s Annual General Meeting, which is the highest decision-making organ, and the forum through which the shareholders exercise their influence over the Company.

Press and Analyst Conference Calls

In connection with interim and annual reports, AAK invites analysts, investors, and media representatives to participate in a joint conference call. Find information on the time and date for future conferences, as well as a thorough overview of previous conference call materials.