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Chocolate cake and whipped cream on a plate - Applications - AAK

Innovation through collaboration

Creating added value for your business


Regardless of your demands and requirements, AAK can provide solutions that will add value to your business. We offer tailor-made products and solutions, all developed to meet our customers’ specific needs—taking you and your business to the next level.

AAK should be the first choice for customers whose production relies on value-adding vegetable oil solutions. This is what has made AAK the world's leading producer of speciality and semi-speciality vegetable oils and fats.

We work extensively with innovationoften in close collaboration with our customersto ensure our product ranges and our customers’ brands continue to meet the very highest of standards. We monitor trends, listen to our customers and work with industry professionals to make sure our finished products and ingredients exceed expectations and create lasting business value.

We can help with analyzing both market and industry trends, and food and flavor trends, in order to support new product development. Our team of experts can also offer assistance to help you meet healthy eating requirements and special nutritional needs.

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Dairy-free producs such as cheese and ice cream - Plant-based Dairy - AAK
/ Applications / Plant-based Foods

For sustainability and health

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Happy girl sitting on old, laughing man's shoulders - Special Nutrition - AAK
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Special Nutrition

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Busy Kitchen with Chefs Cooking Food - Foodservice and Retail - AAK
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Adding flavor and inspiration

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Butter, Ice Cream, Cheese, and more - Dairy and Ice cream - AAK
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Improve your Dairy and Ice cream offer

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Quality that benefits your business

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Baker Dividing Bread Dough Into Pieces - Bakery - AAK
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Better baked goods

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Close-up of delicious chocolate - Chocolate and Confectionery - AAK
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A new world of chocolate

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Personal Care

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Better feed for your animals

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