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The secret is in the pizza dough

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Co-workers wearing white coats during innovative work - Co-Development - AAK
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Co-Development creates lasting value

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What are you doing tomorrow?

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The AAK Share

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AAK CEO and President Johan Westman
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Sustainable growth

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Innovation through collaboration

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All about our financials

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What is happening in the world of AAK?

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A tropical revolution in chocolate production

With TROPICAO™ it is possible for you to produce bloom-stable chocolate in hot climate markets and maintain the sensory properties of the chocolate, with minimal impact on your production set-up.

Why you should invest in AAK

Fredrik Nilsson, our CFO, gives you the top arguments for investing in AAK.

The AAK Way

Focusing on five areas, like people, innovation, and growth, our company program The AAK Way will guide us up through 2019.