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Tailored solutions for essential and active nourishment

Special Nutrition

With more than 140 years of experience in oils and fats, AAK can provide tailor-made solutions that will significantly improve nutritional intake. Our product offering has high, consistent quality. The products are carefully tested and developed to suit your needs and requirements.

AAK provides dietary products, beneficial oils, and fat supplements that constitute unique solutions for infant, medical, and senior nutrition. Our broad product range and our solutions help improve nutritional intake and the health of people all over the world.

Designed to fit your needs

Using our broad and proven experience and expertise, we offer flexible solutions for a wide range of areas and applications within the field of fortification and speciality nutrition. High customer demand on quality and versatility has driven us to develop unique, non-standard solutions designed to meet your requirements and special applications.

A well-proven process

All our products are made using carefully sourced raw materials, resulting in pure and clean products aligned with the AAK Contaminant standards. The entire developing process is carefully monitored in order to produce the optimal solutions, with a strong focus on health in line with AAK’s sustainability program.

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Special Nutrition segments

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/ Applications / Special Nutrition / Functional Nutrition

Functional Nutrition

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/ Applications / Special Nutrition / Infant Nutrition

Infant Nutrition

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/ Applications / Special Nutrition / Medical Nutrition

Medical Nutrition

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Older woman smiling and holding a glass of milk - Special Nutrition - AAK
/ Applications / Special Nutrition / Senior Nutrition

Senior Nutrition

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