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Filling - Chocolate and Confectionery - AAK

Healthy and delicious

Fillings without limitations


Do you want a healthy image, while making tasty fillings? We can help you meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges when developing and producing delicious confectioneries for all senses.

We follow trends around the world, and are always ready to take on challenges. That’s how we meet new needs—just as they arise. Giving indulgent confectionery a healthier image, for example, is no longer a paradox with our non-trans, non-hydrogenated, and low saturated fat solutions. You can even reduce overall fat content and meet consumer demand for filled treats that are lower in calories.

New opportunities

Our focus on giving consumers an exciting tasting experience has created opportunities to add all kinds of innovative ingredients. Fillings containing crunch, fruit chunks, hot chili, or liqueurs are designed to give your products a long, bloom-resistant shelf life.

Sustainable raw materials

Over the years, we have placed increasing emphasis on sourcing sustainable raw materials and reducing the environmental impact of our processes. So, if first-class innovation, efficient processing, and sustainable development are among your top priorities, you’ll find us a like-minded partner.

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CHOCOFILL™ for perfect fillings

Give your consumers amazing new taste and texture experiences with innovative fillings. With CHOCOFILL™ you can tailor your chocolate with crunch, fruit chunks, hot chili, liquors, and more.

Fluffier confectioneries with DELIAIR™

Crispy, crunchy and so light it melts in the mouth. Or maybe a soft mousse? DELIAIR™ gives you many options when it comes to textures of your fluffier confectioneries.

Keep the crunch

Just a thin layer of BARRIER FAT™ keeps bars and nut-filled confectionery bloom-free for far longer than any other solution.