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Audience at Extraordinary Annual General Meeting 2010 - Investors - AAK

Extraordinary Annual General Meeting 2010

Minutes from Extraordinary General Meeting in AarhusKarlshamn AB (publ).
November 11, 2010

Proposal of the Board of Directors of AarhusKarlshamn AB (publ) for a resolution on an incentive programme for senior executives and key employees by way of an issue of subsciption warrants and approval of the transfer of subscription warrant by a subsidiary.
Board proposal
October 2010

Terms and conditions for subscription warrants 2010/2015 for subscription for new shares in Aarhuskarlshamn AB (publ).
Terms and conditions warrants
October 2010

Report by the Board of Directors of Aarhuskarlshamn AB (publ) according to Chapter 14 Section 8 of the Swedish Companies Act.
Board report
October 2010

Statement by the auditor in accordance with Chapter 14 Section 8 of the Companies Act.
Statement auditor
October 2010

Proxy for the extraordinary General Meeting of AarhusKarlshamn AB (publ)
October 2010

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