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Safe, healthy, and sustainable solutions

for your business and customers


Our products and processing methods regularly undergo audits and supervisions to safeguard that they comply with the certifications, standards, and regulations that guarantee you safe, healthy, and sustainable solutions. Here are the certificates that we possess. Please download the PDF.

General Terms and conditions of Sale

Applicable to all sales and deliveries from companies from time to time forming part of the AAK Group. (These General Terms and Conditions of Sale are valid from 15 May, 2014). Download PDF.

Global certificates

AAK Group (publ) EcoVadis Rating 2018

Certificates by production facility

AAK Bastogne

FSSC certificate AAK Bastogne.pdf
Halal certificate 2018-2019 AAK Bastogne.pdf

AAK Belgium

AAK Belgium N.V. ISO140012015.pdf
AAK Belgium N.V. ISO90012015.pdf
ACS-024 Certificate AAK Belgium NV.pdf
ACS-039 Certificate AAK Belgium NV.pdf
Food Safety Certificate FSSC 22000 AAK Belgium N.V.pdf
Halal Certificate 2020-12-20.pdf
Kosher certificate 2019 AAK Belgium.pdf
Kosher products 2019 Hechser AAK Belgium.pdf
Organic certificate.pdf
RiskPlaza Audit+ 2019.pdf

AAK Brazil

AAK Brasil ISO 9001-2015.pdf
Certificado Kosher.pdf
FSSC 22000 - AAK BR .pdf

AAK China

AAK China ZJG Halal MUI.pdf
AAK China ZJG Local HALAL.pdf
AAK ZJG EU Organic.pdf
AAK ZJG China Organic.pdf
AAK ZJG Confirmation letter of REACH Pre-Registration.pdf
AAK ZJG Plant FSSC22000 Management System.pdf
AAK ZJG Sedex.pdf
RSPO Certificate (SG and MB).pdf

AAK Colombia

AAK Colombia ISO 9001:2015
AAK Colombia ISO 22716:2007, Cosmetics - Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
AAK Colombia Kosher certificate
AAK Colombia Pepsico Traceability Protocol
AAK Colombia RSPO certificate

AAK Denmark

Authorisation from The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.pdf
Danish Veterinary and Food Administration - Smiley and Inspection Reports.
Energy Certificate (ISO50001) from DNV.pdf
Food Safety Certificate (FSSC22000) from DNV.pdf
Halal Certificate from HFFIA.pdf
ISCC EU Certificate from SGS.pdf
ISCC PLUS Certificate from SGS.pdf
Kosher Certificate from Orthodox Union.pdf
Preventive Pest Control Certificate from Mortalin.pdf
Quality Certificate (ISO9001) from DNV.pdf
RSPO Certificate from Control Union Certifications.pdf

AAK Mexico

Food safety certificate (FSSC 22000).pdf
Quality certificate (ISO 14001 2015).pdf
Quality certificate (ISO 9001 2015).pdf
RSPO certificate AAK Mexico.pdf

AAK Netherlands

AAK Netherlands B.V. COFCC Certificate.pdf
AAK NL Kosher OU Contact us 300620.pdf
FSSC 22000.pdf
AAK NL Halal certificate.pdf
ISO 9001 AAK NL.pdf
ISO 14001 AAK NL.pdf
Organic certificate AAK NL.pdf
RSPO certificate 2019.pdf
AAK NL USDA NOP certificate 18012020.pdf

AAK Rotterdam

FSSC 22000 AAK Rotterdam.pdf
Organic certificate AAK Rotterdam.pdf (in Dutch)
Organic certificate AAK Rotterdam.pdf (in English) 
RSPO certificate AAK Rotterdam.pdf
Kosher certificate.pdf

AAK SwedenDalby

Certificate ISO 9001.pdf
Certificate FSSC22000.pdf
KRAV Cert Site exp. 191018.pdf
KRAV Productlist exp.191018.pdf
Org-Eko-Bio Cert Productlist exp.191018.pdf
Org-Eko-Bio Cert Site exp.191018.pdf
RSPO Cert 2018 exp.2019.pdf

AAK SwedenKarlshamn

Accreditation Certificate AAK Sweden AB.pdf
Certificate for organic production AAK Sweden AB.pdf
Energy ISO 50001.pdf
Environment ISO 14001:2015.pdf
Food Safety Certificate FSSC 22000.pdf
GMP plus Certificate.pdf
ISCC Plus certificate.pdf
Quality ISO 9001:2015.pdf (exp. 2018-11-30)
Quality ISO 9001:2015.pdf (exp. 2021-11-30)
RSPO certificate AAK Sweden AB.pdf
VFK foderfett.pdf (exp. 2019-11-06)
VFK PE.pdf (exp. 2019-11-06)
Please contact your sales representative in order to obtain a valid Halal certificate.

AAK International (United Kingdom)

AAK International BRC certificate Exp June 30, 2020.pdf
CLAS 2016-2017.pdf
FSSC 22000.pdf
SA Certificate valid until March 31, 2020.pdf
SA Trading Schedule valid until March 31, 2020.pdf
Please contact your sales representative in order to obtain a valid Kosher certificate.

AAK Foods Ltd, Runcorn (United Kingdom)

BRC certificate.pdf
Organic certification.pdf

AAK bd foods (United Kingdom)

BRC certificate.pdf

AAK USA—Port Newark, NJ

AAK USA Inc RSPO Cert.pdf
AAK USA, Inc. dba AAK USA K1, LLC dba AAK USA K2, LLC ISO Cert.pdf 
BRC Certificate 2018 - AAK USA - Port Newark.pdf
Halal 2019.pdf
Kosher 2019.pdf

AAK USA—Hillside, NJ

RSPO AAK Foodservice.pdf
Kosher certificate 2018 AAK Foodservice.pdf
Kosher certificate 2019 vegetable oils AAK Foodservice.pdf
BRC certificate 2018 AAK Foodservice.pdf

AAK USA—Louisville, KY

BRC Certificate 2018 - AAK USA K1, LLC and AAK USA K2, LLC.pdf
AAK USA FC Certificate of Verification.pdf
AAK USA, Inc. dba AAK USA K1, LLC dba AAK USA K2, LLC ISO Cert.pdf
Halal 2019.pdf
Kosher 2019.pdf
RSPO certificate.pdf

AAK USA—Richmond, CA

AAK USA - Richmond Corporation RSPO.pdf
BRC Certificate 2019 - AAK USA Richmond Corporation (dba California Oils Corporation).pdf
Halal 2019.pdf
Kosher 2019.pdf

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Responsible sourcing

Responsible sourcing in AAK aims to continuously progress on the positive impacts our procurement has on the environment, people’s livelihoods, and their communities.

Our House of Sustainability

Sustainable growth is the key objective of our strategy. For us, it is about our responsibility towards all of our key stakeholders—the local communities where we operate, our customers, our employees, our investors, and our suppliers.