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Sustainable growth

At AAK, sustainable development is fundamental to our business. Social and environmental responsibility, hand in hand with financial growth, is key to our continued development and future success. This is what we mean by sustainable growth.

We believe that building sustainability into our everyday activities helps us achieve our vision of being the first choice in value-adding vegetable oil solutions. AAK’s model for sustainable growth—the House of Sustainability—covers the five focus areas Our Customers, Our Suppliers, Our Planet, Our People, and Our Neighbours. To learn more about our work, please refer to our latest Sustainability Report or watch this short Sustainability video that explains Our House of Sustainability.

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Our commitments

Responsible sourcing

Responsible sourcing in AAK aims to continuously progress on the positive impacts our procurement has on the environment, people’s livelihoods, and their communities.

Our House of Sustainability

Sustainable growth is the key objective of our strategy. For us, it is about our responsibility towards all of our key stakeholders—the local communities where we operate, our customers, our employees, our investors, and our suppliers.

Sustainable growth

Continued progress on sustainability within our sourcing operations, a solid environmental efficiency performance, and workplace safety improvements at our production sites – these are some of AAK’s sustainability highlights during 2018.

Certificates for safety and health

Our products and processing methods follow recognized standards and regulations that guarantee you safe, healthy, and sustainable solutions. Discover the certificates that we possess.

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Policies and Codes

With the UN Global Compact principles as baseline, we have developed our own policies and codes. We continuously revisit our progress and follow up on the work we have done. If you want to learn more about what we do to create a better tomorrow for all of us, have a look at some of the reports and documents here.


Palm oil progress reports

Did you know that 100% of our palm suppliers are risk assessed by the NGO Proforest? Did you know that we traced 96% of palm oil, all palm kernel oil, and derivatives back to mill origin? Read more about our achievements in our palm oil progress reports.


shea nuts - Sustainable Growth - AAK

Shea progress reports

Shea grows on wild trees in West Africa south of Sahara and this unique raw material is used in, for example, chocolate bars and cosmetics products. In our shea progress reports, you can read about our shea supply chains and the various sustainability initiatives that we are engaged in.


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To us, being responsible is also about being clear and transparent. Here we have gathered some of our statements related to areas such as our production, our supply chains, and human rights.


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Sustainability reports

In our annual sustainability report, AAK colleagues share sustainability stories and initiatives, with thoughts and insights in relation to specific focus areas. For older reports, please send an e-mail to: sustainability@aak.com

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