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Business Man Holding a Small Growing Plant in His Hand - Investors - AAK

Fast and sustainable growth

Greenfield investments and new acquisitions

Reasons to Invest

Fredrik Nilsson, our CFO and acting CEO, gives you the top arguments for investing in AAK.

Why you should invest in AAK

1. Above the market growth

The underlying global growth in the segments in which AAK is present is normally in line with global GDP growth. AAK has in the past been able to grow faster than the underlying markets in our focus areas—speciality and semi-speciality solutions in Food Ingredients and Chocolate & Confectionery Fats—despite not having a fully global footprint. With our greenfield investments and our latest acquisitions in growth markets, we have strengthened our footprint and become a truly global company. Our ambition is to continue to grow faster than the underlying markets.

2. Strong balance sheet supporting further growth

Despite considerable greenfield investments we have over recent years built a very strong balance sheet with an improved equity ratio. Combined with long-term loan agreements this has created a solid foundation for further growth, both organically and through selective and strategic acquisitions.

3. Very strong underlying growth drivers

AAK has an important geographical footprint in regions where both population and urbanization is increasing—demographic changes that open up substantial market opportunities. We are furthermore strongly supported by our customer value propositions for health and reduced costs and our customer product co-development and solutions approach.

4. Average 10 percent year-over-year operating profit improvement for the coming years

Between 2010 and 2016 AAK has annual increased its operating profit by 10 percent on average (at fixed foreign exchange rates and excluding acquisitions). Including acquisitions and positive currency translation differences, operating profit has increased 12 percent on average. Based on our high activity within sales, customer innovation and new product development, and based on the very solid foundation we have built and our strong executive and local management, we see no reason to lower that ambition for the coming years.

Operating profit per quarter 2010-2016 - Investors - AAK

Increasing operating profit per quarter

AAK shows an increasing operating profit per quarter 2010–2016. Regarding the financial year 2016, the operating profit was:

  • Q1: SEK 381 Million
  • Q2: SEK 368 Million
  • Q3: SEK 431 Million
  • Q4: SEK 435 Million


Fredrik Nilsson - Media - AAK

Fredrik Nilsson

CFO and acting CEO

Learn more about our financials

A strong year for AAK

Looking back at 2016, our CFO and acting CEO, Fredrik Nilsson, gives you his thoughts on the financial performance. He also looks ahead, telling you more about the next years.

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