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Co-Development – your ingredient for success

Successful new concepts that capture and excite your consumers don’t happen by chance. They are created through a profound understanding of your needs, specialist insight into your markets and, most of all, a uniquely collaborative approach that drives innovation at every stage.

140 years of experience has shown us that partnership and collaboration build the surest foundation for success. That’s why our Co-Development approach, proven over countless projects, leverages the very best of our expertise in vegetable oils and fats, and pairs it with the knowledge and capabilities of your teams and organization.

Value-adding collaboration

From idea generation to launch, you need a partner that collaborates effectively across the entire value chain. We draw on our deep and broad application competencies and advanced technical know-how to create value-adding solutions that deliver long-term business value.

Focused on your ambitions

So whether you need a faster development process, more cost-effective and sustainable solutions, or superior product quality, AAK listens to your needs and works closely with you to deliver tailored results that support your business ambitions.

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Discover the power of Co-Development

Co-Development creates lasting value

Our Co-Development approach means that we bring our capabilities in vegetable oils and fats into a collaboration with you. Together we create lasting value for you and your business.

Co-Development success stories

The power of Co-Development is best proven by our success stories. Our specialists in oils and fats have performed countless collaborations with our customers to come up with groundbreaking solutions.

Innovation through collaboration

AAK is the world's leading producer of value-adding vegetable oils and fats. Through our unique co-development approach, we work together with our customers to develop innovative solutions that fulfill their specific needs.