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Row of Multiethnic College Students Raising Hands in Classroom - Careers - AAK

From graduates to young professionals

boosting their careers from day one at AAK

Meet our former trainees

Caroline, Sales Manager, Sweden

Caroline wanted to combine her degrees in business and chemistry, so she joined AAK as a trainee in the Technical Fatty Acid segment. Now a Sales Manager, she tells you about a typical day at work.

Daan, Sales Manager, the Netherlands

“Give your full 100%, ask questions and enjoy the journey.” These are advices from Daan, who joined the AAK Trainee Program in 2012.

Marianne, Planning Manager, UK

Once a trainee, Marianne is now a Planning Manager in Hull. After a day of work, she likes to put on some good music and go for a quick workout.

Nikesh, Regional Key Account Manager, India

Nikesh was attracted to AAK due to our global presence and our reputation in the market. One of his biggest challenges was to establish AAK in India and to transfer there from Sweden after completing the Trainee Program.



This is our trainee program

Join the AAK Trainee Program

Get on the right track—in a real job. The AAK Trainee Program is designed to give you the best possible start to your career. You will be a part of our future and play an active role from day one.

What you will do and learn as an AAK Trainee

To kick-start your transition into a young professional, the AAK Trainee Program is a mix of on-the-job learning, individual development activities, and formal training—working a real job.