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Plant-based food events

Good Food Conference 2019

AAK is proud to be supporting this year’s Good Food Conference, the Good Food Institute’s event focusing on the future of meat.


September 4-6, 2019


The Palace Hotel, San Francisco, CA, USA

If you’d like to arrange a time to come and talk to us about why plant-based oils and fats are a key ingredient in making tasty, healthy and sustainable plant-based meat, just drop us a line using the contact form below.

See you there!

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Meet us here on September 4-6, 2019

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What is AkoPlanet™?

AkoPlanet™ is AAK's platform for plant-based foods where we harness over 100 years of experience in plant-based oils and fats so people who choose a plant-based lifestyle can enjoy the foods they love without compromise.

Made with love for the planet

In AkoPlanet™ our ingredients are traceable to the growing region as a minimum standard, and we’re working even further with our supply chains so that every step is taken with care.