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Sun Rising over a Jungle Landscape with Palm Oil Trees - About Us - AAK

Let us be your first choice

Vision and values

Our goal is simple. We want to be your first choice for value-adding vegetable oil solutions.

Our business is built around the world of vegetable oils. In that world, we offer high-quality products that are always delivered on time. We are also here to support you with market advice, unmatched customization, problem-solving, and whatever else you need to make a difference in your market.

We live our values

We believe in taking responsibility for our financial growth, our employees, the communities in which we operate, and the planet as a whole. Sustainability and social responsibility are therefore part of our everyday activities and they help us achieve our vision.

The foundation of our model for sustainable growth is the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and our own policies and codes.

We are here for you

At AAK, we believe in the power of our collective capacities. Through our co-development approach we want to create maximum value for you and your business—enabling you to achieve long-lasting results.

As your partner, we keep our promises by driving initiative, improvement, and innovation, with teamwork and a sense of urgency.

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Get to know us further

Our business model

We provide value-adding vegetable oil solutions to a wide range of industries. Discover how AAK can improve your offer—and create lasting business value.

How we think and act

We listen. We care. We act responsibly. Our Code of Conduct guides us in our daily work.

The AAK Way

Focusing on five areas, like people, innovation, and growth, our company program The AAK Way will guide us up through 2019.