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Leading the way

with The AAK Way

The AAK Way

The last couple of years AAK has seen some important achievements within several functions across the globe. This has given us a strong foundation for our company program, The AAK Way, that will guide us up through 2019.

The key focus for The AAK Way is to enable AAK to continue to deliver strong organic growth. This will be achieved by focusing on five priority areas—Go to Market, Operational Excellence, Special Focus Areas, Innovation, and People. We want to reach our management ambition by improving, on average, our operating profit by 10 percent per year, supporting a good and consistent earnings per share improvement. We aim to build a stronger AAK for the short, mid, and long term.

The AAK Way is based on six strategic cornerstones:

  • Speciality and semi-speciality products
  • Customer co-development
  • Sustainable growth
  • Global reach aligned with high-growth markets and segments
  • Strong local presence
  • Multi-oil and multi-process

Go to Market

We are the Co-Development Company and we create lasting value for you as our customer through value-adding vegetable oils and fats solutions. Our Go to Market approach is to partner with you all the way—from identifying your needs, through creating the right solutions for you, to the actual sales. We want to strengthen this unique collaborative approach and our way of selling even further over the next years.

Operational Excellence

In accordance with our brand promise and to manage the ever-increasing competition in the market, it is important that we have operational excellence all the way from sourcing our raw materials in a cost-competitive and responsible way, via a cost-effective production, to delivering on time and in quality.

Special Focus Areas

AAK’s core business is to develop and supply vegetable oils and fats solutions to solve customer-specific needs across industries such as bakery, chocolate and confectionery, cosmetics, and infant nutrition. To further strengthen our organic growth we have identified special focus areas which we believe hold significant potential for future growth.


Innovation is crucial to drive future organic growth and to build an even stronger AAK for the mid and long term. This is decisive for being the preferred supplier and for securing that our solutions add strong value to your business. When it comes to innovation capabilities we want to be in a league of our own for new ideas, and subsequently executing them with a sense of urgency, and fully commercializing them.


We want AAK to be a great place to work, a place where we set a high standard for performance, where everybody is highly engaged, where possibilities for personal development are provided, and where strong leaders support and challenge all colleagues in an organization to last, prepared for the ever-changing future.

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We believe in taking responsibility for our financial growth, our employees, the communities in which we operate, and the planet as a whole.

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