Quality Policy

Our customers manufacture products based on key components (fatty acids, glycerol or feed fat) from Tefac. Very precise demands are made on these products. It is therefore our duty to ascertain that our customers have an absolute faith in our processes and products, and that we see to it, in all possible ways, that our customers use nothing but components of the agreed - or better - quality in their products. At all times our customers shall be convinced that the components supplied by us are of the agreed standard. We support this conviction by always adhering to strict routines guaranteeing a uniform quality.

Quality goals
The quality goals of Tefac are established for one year at a time, in connection with the annual review by the company management.

Environmental policy
In the environmental area Tefac is an integral part of the operations of AAK Sweden AB, within the production site at Västra Kajen.

Environmental goals
The goals for our environmental work are specified in the documentation mentioned under "References" below.

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