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Oilseed crushing

Processing Rapeseed to Oil and Meal

Rapeseed is quality controlled on arrival and stored in silos. The seed, checked for possible impurities, then advances into the press and extraction process. The clean seed is steamed and crushed into thin flakes in a rolling mill. The flakes are heated up before the fat is pressed out.  Any remaining oil in the cake is extracted with the help of hexane, which is recycled in a condensation process. The rapeseed oil gained by this extraction is cleaned of any residual hexane and stored for further processes.

Once the rapeseed meal has been through the process of hexane extraction
(referred to as toaster), it advances into the ExPro process where the meal is processed at high temperature and pressure in the patented ExPro operation. This process changes the protein structure, enabling a much improved nutritional utilisation by the ruminants.

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