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Feed safety

Feed Materials strives for continuous improvements in the area of feed safety, and the production of ExPro meal and AkoFeed feed fats has been awarded a Feed Safety Certificate by VFK (The Association for Safe Feed Materials).  

To achieve certification in accordance with the VFK standards, Feed Materials must fulfil a control programme covering sixteen different areas, among which are the requirements for a process description and a flow chart of the entire feed production. The description must contain information about raw materials, additives and utilities, along with temperatures and time frames for different processing steps. The audit also makes sure that the staff has adequate training and the skills necessary to participate in, and manage, everything connected with the control programme. Feed Materials also has its own state-of-the-art laboratory that handles all feed analyses.

Production halls and process equipment are designed to facilitate maintenance, cleaning, inspection, and, should need arise, decontamination. Another important asset of ours is that HACCP has been implemented, to the effect that all production risks have been identified and analyses are performed in accordance with HACCP.

More detailed information about VFK and its Feed Safety Programme is provided on VFK’s own website: www.vfk.se. Here you also find the entire sixteen-item programme.

Feed Materials’ entire production of feed have also been certified according to ISO 9000, 14001 and 22000.

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