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Specidol™ – Omega-3-Containing Ingredient

Specidol™ is one of our healthy ingredients which can be added to everyday products and thus offers consumers a way to eat more healthily without changing their diet. 

Specidol™ OL is an oil with a high content of vegetable-source omega-3. The main part of the omega-3 comes from the flaxseed oil in the product. The total omega-3 content is 22%. Specidol™ OL is naturally GMO free and is in liquid form, making it is easy to handle and add into a variety of different applications.  

Supplementation of omega-3 in various foods has increased dramatically since 2005. Today omega-3 is a well-known ingredient which is perceived as a healthy and beneficial for your heart.  

In the EU there are existing nutrition claims related to the omega-3 fatty acids. Depending on the omega-3 level in the end product, you can use the claim ‘source of omega-3’ or ‘high omega-3’. 

Specidol™ OL can also be used to balance the fatty acid ratio between omega-6 and omega-3 in the diet. 

Possible applications for Specidol™ OL are spreads, dairy products, salad dressings/oils, bread etc. 

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For more information please see our leaflet, which you will find under Documentation.

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