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Food Specialities
Handling block or liquid fat can cause problems. AAK makes handling easier through its wide range of powdered and flaked fats. Because of their convenient and flexible nature, powders and flakes can be quickly, accurately and consistently weighed and dosed into recipes.

Traditionally, fats have been handled as a block or a liquid.  In some situations the handling and use of these types of products can cause problems.  We can offer a solution to this by offering a wide range of powdered or flaked fats.

They are an efficient, convenient and flexible system due to their free flowing nature and thus offer the user many advantages:

  1. When compared against blocked fats, powdered and flaked fats can be easily, accurately and consistently weighed and dosed into recipes
  2. Less packaging mean reduced labour costs (in comparison to block products)
  3. Even distribution of the fat particles in dry mixing processes without clumping or stickiness
  4. Quick melting due to the particle size and surface area when a liquid fat is needed

For some applications, such as dried and convenience foods, or where the fat needs to be melted prior to use, it is possible to use either powdered fat or flaked fats.  AAK has a great depth of knowledge and experience in these areas, so do not hesitate to contact us for product recommendations and advice to suit your particular process and products.

More information on powdered and flaked fats is available under each product heading.

  • POWDERED FAT (Akofine)
  • FLAKED FAT (Akoflake)

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