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For the Scandinavian market you will find a wide range of products for restaurants and catering under the brand Rapsona . Our ambition is to offer a wide range of products that are associated with funtionality and innovation.

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  • Rapsona Äkta Majonnäs 80%
    Rapsona Majonnäs Special
    Rapsona Äkta Majonnäs 78% , KRAV

Rapsona product range 
Rapsona Matolja
Rapsona Matolja Special
Rapsona Frityrolja, Super Long Life
Rapsona Ultima Frityrolja, non trans
Rapsona Deep Fry, frityrolja
Rapsona Olivola 

Rapsona Smörgåsmargarin
Rapsona Stek & Bakmargarin  
Rapsona Vinäger - röd, vit och balsamvinäger

Organic products 
Rapsona Kallpressad Raps, KRAV
Rapsona Matolja raps Ekologisk, KRAV
Rapsona Såsbas ekologisk, KRAV
Rapsona Äkta Majonnäs 78%, KRAV




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