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Laminating Pastry

Pastry products have fat in the dough to lubricate the gluten in order to enhance the eating quality.

There are different ways of working for the production of puff pastry and Danish pastry. All methods have in common that margarine or fat is rolled and folded into sheeted dough.

The most important properties for this type of fat, are plasticity and firmness. In general it can be stated that the consistency of the fat or margarine must be similar to the consistency of the dough.
Still in most applications margarine is generally preferred because of a more regular layered product.

AAK has in various countries margarines that fulfill all the requirements of the pastry producers, from Baklava producers in Turkey to industrial puff pastry producers in the UK.

Akopastry HP 400 & 200 

Akopastry HP 400 & 200 AAK wins Best Bakery Innovation at FiE with Akopastry HP 400&200, high-performing bakery solutions for puff pastry.

Broschure Akopastry HP 400 & 200 (PDF) 

Press information - Akopastry (PDF)


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