Our People

This focus area is about working life at AAK: how to remain an attractive workplace for employees, and to make sure that everybody is healthy and safe. AAK’s employees are the company’s most important resource. With employees in many different locations across the globe – in production plants, sales offices and sourcing operations – AAK is a diverse company with many different job functions. Common to every employee is the company’s values and Code of Conduct, which govern the way in which business is conducted and how employees interact with each other and the company’s stakeholders.

Any work-related injury is clearly unacceptable and AAK constantly strives to be a zero injuries workplace. Since 2009, we have aligned definitions and measured injuries across the AAK Group. We have defined Lost Time Injury Rate (LTIR) as the number of work injuries that result in one or more days/shifts of sick leave per 200,000 working hours.

Objectives 2017+

Any work-related injury is unacceptable and AAK is constantly working towards a zero injuries workplace. We monitor and report globally Lost Time Injury Rate (LTIR).

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