In this focus area, activities that AAK initiates and engages in, be they local, regional, national or international, in order to play the part and act responsibly in society, are presented. Contributing to, and being part of, the community in which AAK operates is essential for maintaining a positive relationship with neighbours, politicians and authorities. Which community activities the Group engages in is dependent on what is relevant and adds most value to the local community. Through a commitment to community causes, AAK is also instrumental in creating a workplace with highly motivated employees who take pride in working for a company that makes a notice­able difference.

Local community involvement
As a global company, AAK contributes to the development of the local communities in which it operates by creating jobs, paying taxes and doing business with local enterprises. However, it takes more than this to truly become part of the community in which the Group operates.

Community engagement is based on diverse thinking, which leads to initiatives ranging from giving employees time off to engage in local activities and donating products and raw materials to providing used equipment and giving direct financial support.

AAK is very much aware of the impact the company has on the community when entering, operating in, or leaving an area. During 2015, no operations that required a special community impact assessment were established or terminated.

The impact of existing operations is continuously monitored through dialogue, open house events, hosting visitors, participation in local events and councils, giving presentations and participating in interviews. Media monitoring also provides a picture of local attitudes towards AAK.

Overall, AAK’s community involvement helps secure a social license to operate, which is essential for AAK as both a company and a player in local business life.

Achievements 2015
AAK has long been an active member of the communities in which it operates through sponsorship, or through direct participation in projects. In 2015, AAK engaged in numerous local activities. AAK will continue to secure integration with its local communities in the future.

Objectives 2016+
Local engagement
2016: Engaging in relevant local projects and activities
2016: Initiate a palm oil smallholder support project

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