Marketplace covers all areas in which AAK interacts with customers. It includes products, product development, food safety, product information and market com­munication. Interaction with customers is based on sound business ethics and a deep understanding of the company’s responsibility for safeguarding customer brands. As a supplier of ingredients for some of the world’s best-known brands, AAK recognizes its role and its customers’ expectations and sees these as key ele­ments in the way the AAK company program, AAKtion, is executed.

Over the years, AAK has established longstanding relation­ships with customers built on mutual respect and a detailed understanding of customer needs. Knowing your customers means knowing your markets, and that gives AAK a head start when responding to market trends. From time to time, AAK even has set new trends through the development of leading-edge solutions.

Oils and fats from AAK perform valuable functions in customers’ products. They may ensure the right meltdown property, carry flavour, supply essential fatty acids, provide structure and much more. In each case, AAK’s understand­ing of customers’ requirements is key when developing the right solution. This is why close cooperation is so important. In cooperation with our customers’ key people, AAK’s experts test applications, develop solutions and explore new produc­tion methods.

Marketplace achievements 2015
AAK Code of Conduct for Agents and Distributors
After successfully having implemented our Code of Conduct with all employees, and our Supplier Code of Conduct with our raw material suppliers, we launched our Code of Conduct for Agents and Distributors in May 2014. We were aiming to achieve an 80 percent implementation in 2015 which we accomplished. The implementation does not include agents and distributors related to 2015 acquisitions.

Anti-corruption training
Even though we already address anti-corruption in our Code of Conduct, our Supplier Code of Conduct and our Code of Conduct for Agents and Distributors, we have decided to increase the awareness and knowledge of the topic internally. To that end we launched two e-learning modules addressing anti-corruption topics during 2014. At the end of the modules there is a multiple choice test that needs to be passed by all employees at increased risk of encountering corruption. By the end of 2015 we had reached our objective of a 100 percent completion of both modules.

Marketplace objectives 2016+
Responsible palm oil training
During 2016, 100 percent of all relevant employees should have passed the e-learning module on the AAK Palm Oil Policy and Actions.

Responsible shea training
By the end of 2016, at least 50 percent of all relevant employees should have passed the e-learning module on Responsible sourcing of shea in AAK.

CSR training
Before the end of 2016, an e-learning module on CSR work in AAK should be launched.

AAK Code of Conduct for agents and distributors
The Code should during 2016 be implemented by minimum 80 percent of AAK Agents and Distributors including 2016 acquisitions.




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