AAK Academy

The AAK ACADEMYTM - the knowledge center for lipid technology

The AAK ACADEMYTM is exclusively for our customers. The idea behind this advanced training concept is basically very simple. A good understanding of lipid technology will help to guide you in your search for the best solution for a given end product. It will also facilitate the dialogue between customer and supplier and help us to create a better job together. The AAK ACADEMYTM offers wide range of courses. The format is highly flexible, with tuition by experts from staff at AAK.

The AAK ACADEMYTM offers: 

  • Segment-specific courses that focus on a specific application segment
  • Tailor-made courses for individual customers

Documentation and literature

As a participant, you receive complete documentation from all lectures. You also receive your own copy of the “Handbook – Vegetable oils and fats”. The handbook is produced by the AAK ACADEMYTM and contains 250 pages of theoretical and practical knowledge on oils and fats.


How to reach us

Contact your AAK partner for more information.

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