AAK Academy

For more than 140 years we have gathered extensive knowledge on the functionality of value-adding vegetable oils as an important food ingredient. At the AAK ACADEMYTM we want to share our extensive knowledge about oils and fats technology when applied within specific food applications.

Our ambition is that this strengthens the cooperation between our customers and us and results in lasting business value for both parts. Whether you are looking into elevating the healthiness of your products, securing that edge of sustainability, launching new products with unique functional and organoleptic characteristics or improving the cost efficiency of your production, the AAK ACADEMYTM will equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to upgrade or enlarge your product portfolio. A successful AAK ACADEMYTM leaves our customers with a more holistic understanding of the application of value-adding vegetable oil solutions and how to realize that impact across their value chain resulting in an even better consumer experience.

The two-day AAK ACADEMYTM strikes a balance between theoretical lectures and practical hands-on sessions in our specialized Customer Innovation Centers for the following industry segments:

  • Chocolate & Confectionery
  • Bakery
  • Dairy & Ice cream
  • Special Nutrition (Infant, Senior and Medical Nutrition)
  • Personal Care

We also offer a tailor-made AAK ACADEMY
TM for individual customers upon request.

As a participant you will receive our exclusive “Handbook for Vegetable Oils and Fats” that comprises 250 pages of easy-to-understand theoretical knowledge and practical insights on the chemistry of oils and fats and their application in the food industry.

To learn more about the AAK ACADEMYTM reach out to your AAK contact person or contact us at info@aak.com.

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